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Metalheadz originators, Goldie, Kemistry & Storm, founded the label way back in 1994 after both Kemistry and Storm recall taking Goldie to London nightclub Rage where everything initially started.   From the beginning Metalheadz had stated that their aim was to "Explore both the roots of Breakbeat and Jungle and to rework it into a new dimension, Drum & Bass". ​
Accross the spectrum into the 21st century Metalheadz are continueing to carrying their prolific sound throught the drum and bass scene retaining every piece of respect they deserve. Recent releases from the likes of Lenzman and Ulterior Motive have seen the label take off creating lots of hype for the well known, well presented record label. 
The unprecedented success these guys have had coming from merely a thought after a night out to one of the most presigeous names around is astonishing. Having maintained the quality of production for over 20 years proves why Goldie has his well earned MBE for elevating the Drum & Bass scene throughout his career.